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HCL Tech's Intelligent Chain of Custody Solution

The pandemic has dominated world headlines globally for disrupting the normal way of life. Globally the need for an integrated cold supply chain has emerged as the key focus area, whether it is a vaccine, food, or chemicals.

What lies ahead is a challenging scenario to transport the temperature-controlled shipments from manufacturing to distributing them for last-mile administration. Topping the logistical puzzle are the stringent temperature-controlled storage requirements for maintaining the product's efficacy during its storage life. The current global cold-chain infrastructure is inadequate to adhere to the distribution and storage norms. It needs a safe, reliable, and predictable real-time tracking & condition monitoring of the product life-cycle to outlast its intended storage life.

Integrated Chain of Custody Solution by HCLTech is an integrated offering that helps enterprises ease the challenges arising from complex global distribution programs. This solution comprises IoT sensors to track the location & monitor the condition/integrity of product packages or containers and an interactive management portal to maintain real-time shipment visibility. Further, by leveraging enterprise systems integrations and optional blockchain synchronization, HCLTech' solution ensures intelligent cold chain distribution management by automating workflows that maximize efficiencies for every stakeholder in the value chain.