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Sustainable eCommerce

We have developed a range of solutions and PoCs on SAP Commerce Cloud that allow businesses to adopt and embrace sustainability with minimal disruptions:

Communicate the brand Philosophy— Your e-commerce platform is one of the best channels to communicate and build an emotional connection between your brand and customers.  Our Sustainable e-commerce offerings will help ensure that sustainability is clearly associated with your business and your brand.

Provide sustainable options to online buyers—Most customers will choose sustainable options when given the opportunity. HCLTech’s solution integrates SAP Commerce Cloud and Carbon Footprint Management services to enable you to easily display the carbon footprint at product level for items sold online.

Carbon credit offset service—HCLTech’s sustainable e-commerce offering helps your company purchase carbon offset credits toward the products and services your customers buy online. We are partnering with carbon credit offset service providers to integrate the e-commerce platform with these services for a seamless transaction.

Reduce packaging wastage—Packaging waste ranks among the top concerns for any online business. Controlling this wastage not only helps the environment, but it also lowers costs for your business. HCLTech has developed pre-packaged solutions to help businesses adopt sustainable packaging in e-commerce.

Optimize shipping and logistics—Shipping and logistics are critical components of a seamless e-commerce experience but are carbon-intensive processes with a large carbon footprint.  Our innovative solutions on SAP Commerce make deliveries and returns more sustainable. 

Download this brochure to learn more about the features of HCLTech’s Sustainable eCommerce.