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Re-shaping the manufacturing sector with HCL and Microsoft

The manufacturing sector is a strong economic force in both advanced and developing economies, but remains at risk for disruption. Despite being a major contributor to the GDP, its constituents face ongoing volatility in costs, policy decisions including compliance mandates, and consequences from the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how manufacturers can navigate uncertainty, increase operational flexibility for the future, and respond and thrive in the recent COVID-19 world crisis. By partnering with HCL’s Application modernization and cloud migration solutions on Microsoft Azure, organizations can stand to gain from reduced IT costs and automated management processes. HCL professionals can help migrate or re-host your existing on-premises applications to the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform on the Azure platform. HCL has developed a holistic and proven accelerator to enable enterprises to realize the business benefits of digital transformation faster. HCL’s Cloud Migration Assessment using HCL Intellectual Property (IP) − Digital Prizm (DPrizm) and Azure DevOps Assessment with Expedited maturity elevation leading to Zero touch Ecosystem (EAZe) accelerators−have helped our clients experience the benefits of HCL’s Gold Standards and Microsoft services.