Demand supply re-balancing through scenario modeling | HCLTech

At this moment, when dramatic shifts in supply and demand patterns can easily unrest the inventory planning and fulfillment strategies of the Retail & CPG organizations, it is critical to plan how to optimize the flow of products and goods within their supply chain.

The Retail & CPG logistics supply chain is fraught with challenges owing to the critical nature of goods being transported globally and the complexities involved. Many such factors are pushing retail and consumer goods organizations to take new paths, thus dictating the need for a redefined supply chain network optimization model.

Whether you seek to improve your logistics and supply chain management process or transform your entire supply chain, a well-defined supply chain network optimization solution offers the ideal combination of operational efficiency and service level excellence paired with a faster time to value.

While Demand environment and supply side capabilities are not static, Retail & CPG organizations must take a proactive approach by performing an extensive scenario analysis using technology, data, processes, and harness a competitive advantage by significantly improving in the areas of cost, service and risk.

Through our Supply Chain Network Modeling approach, we provide you the tools, simulation techniques and process orientations that are needed to quickly plan for and implement strategies that sustain cash flows and have a positive impact on your bottom line objectives.

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