Smart Attendance Solutions Proposition | HCLTech

The traditional attendance method consumes an average of 8.93 ± 1.06 minutes, which is approximately 15% of the total time of the one-hour lecture. HCLTech’s smart attendance solution helps to reduce paperwork and save time and money with the help of a cloud-based solution. It ensures enhanced productive interaction between student and faculty by automating the process which was earlier carried out manually. It eliminates buddy punching, human error, etc. and ensures accurate capture of student attendance.

This technology driven smart attendance management system enhances class engagement rate and draws a co-relation between a student’s performance and his attendance track records. It helps to transform the traditional attendance record process by marking attendance with the help of facial recognition system that  captures students’ face image and match it against registered photo id. Students’ data is safely stored within this framework and facilitates auto generation of reports. A co-relation between student performance and attendance status can be drawn using this solution.