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Cyber security Fusion Centre

HCLTech’s Cybersecurity Fusion Centers bring the much needed unified approach by integrating several different components of cybersecurity operations into one center that operationalizes a comprehensive cybersecurity lifecycle powered by CSFC

Fusion platform

CSFC Fusion platform enables security analysts to gain complete visibility, gets proactive with comprehensive cyber threat analysis by tightly integrating and leveraging human expertise, mature processes and machine intelligence together.

Investigation and notification :

Once a suspicious event is detected or an automatic prevention activity occurs, an alert is generated and a CSFC analyst investigates and appropriately triages alert.

Security orchestration & automation :

CSFC Fusion Platform enables a rapid threat response by automating manual and repetitive processes to drive Context-Driven Investigation.

Integration of multiple security tools :

By integrating and consuming information from entire hog of network and cloud technologies, endpoint & messaging , modern apps and Identity and Access Management solutions, CSFC Fusion Platform presents our analysts with full view of the user/asset in question.

Aligned to industry standards :

CSFC Fusion Platform enables MITRE ATT&CK based incident tagging to investigate how incidents fit into larger campaigns based on IOCs and attack techniques.

Real-time metrics and KPIs dashboard :

CSFC Fusion platform provides robust reporting and business intelligence with standard dashboards to view.