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The transformation of IT with the rapid migration of apps and services to the cloud has changed the usual ways of connecting, computing, and doing business. Many large enterprises are now turning to the software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) to streamline operations and reduce transmission costs, especially for those organizations with hundreds or thousands of branch offices using expensive MPLS connections. Issues related to securing these internet breakouts with traditional solutions, however, outweighs SD-WAN benefits, a good reason to let cloud solve this challenge. To secure the local internet breakouts, organizations also consider replicating the HQ internet gateway security stack at every location. This brings in challenges related to the cost of purchasing, configuring, managing, and maintaining such a complex branch deployment.

To save cost, organizations compromise on security by deploying smaller firewall and UTM appliances, with less than optimal security and access control, at branch locations. Going with legacy network architecture leads to the various challenges. Download the Brochure to know more.