Insider threat monitoring service | HCLTech

Know how HCLTech Fortius resources with vast experience in deploying and maintaining insider threat solutions helps your teams stay on top of potentially malicious internal activity. As important as it is for large enterprises to protect their external perimeter from cyberattacks, the same care and attention must be given to internal threats as well. Be it a well-meaning insider that was not aware of a specific policy, or a malicious attacker using compromised credentials, if you’re not watching what is happening internally, you’re not addressing half of your company’s cyber risk. In fact, statistics now show that insider threats make up a third to a half of all cyber-attacks, and that number is growing rapidly each year. It’s simply not enough to just keep an eye on regular employees – users with privileged access and third-party vendors are key actors for malicious insider activity that can result in exfiltration of sensitive corporate data.