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Proofpoint email security

It’s estimated that 94% of data breaches start with a targeted email to specific users. The Proofpoint email protection platform safeguards the most important asset to your business- the people, by locking down the biggest threat and delivery vector for data loss, compromises, breaches, and malware: email. You can manage the Proofpoint Protection platform through the Proofpoint Essentials control panel, an all-in-one console allowing administrators to work on administrative, deployment, compliance, and day-to-day activities in a single location. HCLTech's Fortius cybersecurity consulting can assist clients in their email security journey. Whether it is a new implementation, solving specific security challenges, or performing a health check and get-well plan for existing services, the Fortius team has the experience necessary to make clients successful. Fortius has wide-ranging experience with many of the enterprise endpoint and network security solutions on the market today.