ASM 2.0 - Resilient Operations. Seamless Experiences | HCLTech

The context of application operations within an enterprise has been redefined in today’s high-velocity, software-driven digital world. The exponential rise in business and technological complexity and the varying pace of transformation in portfolios has made traditional, one-size-fits-all application management obsolete. As enterprises re-balance their budgets for digital acceleration and operations transformation, they require an end-to-end operations model that pervades every inch of the business and enables customized, on-demand, and proactive service management to drive superior customer experience, faster incident resolution and enhanced business resilience.

HCLTech ASM 2.0 framework is a new paradigm in application management that delivers a customized, on-demand, and proactive approach for smart application operations. It encompasses lean thinking, custom support models with DevSecOps based team structure for best-in-class engineering culture backed by SRE practices, and is strongly business aligned. ASM 2.0 has inherent focus on observability and drives an automation roadmap with tools and solutions that offer preventive, predictive and self-heal capabilities, while facilitating actionable AI powered insights for better business decisions. Download the brochure to know more.