Churn Management | HCLTech

The importance of effective digital marketing cannot be understated for companies looking to becoming next-generation enterprises. One aspect which determines the efficacy of marketing techniques is the risk of customer churn, a crucial problem area for potential sales initiatives. In order to combat this risk, HCLTech’s churn management application leverages predictive, adaptive, and text analytics, to identify customers at risk of churn and proactively provides personalized retention offers.

This application identifies customers at risk at any point in their life cycle by identifying events that indicate such risk and automatically responds with offers based on the individual customer context. It can also analyze customer service texts from various digital sources such as social media, emails, etc. to identify dissatisfied customers. It's not practical for customer service representatives to go through every tweet and respond to the relevant ones in a timely manner. HCLTech’s Churn Management application has automated this process. Download the brochure to know more.