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In today’s uber-dynamic landscape, traditional business intelligence (BI) is dead. If not, it’s eating away at your business. It’s time for enterprises to quit BI and move to actionable insights. Data drives business processes from inside-out today - at least, at the leading companies across all industries. Insights must seamlessly contextualize business and technology KPIs and translate each action, reaction, and the decision to business value - meaning that insights can no longer just be insights. They must be actionable and simultaneously demonstrate the value they bring to the table.

The rising value of data-driven actionable insights in a digital business world calls for a 360-degree solution that addresses the insights value chain end-to-end. HCLTech’s ADvantage Analytics is a multi-dimensional solution to engage users, processes, and technology for analytics advancement and adoption. It brings businesses up to speed with the needs of top data-driven companies within a framework that responds to the technological trends of today and tomorrow and enables actionable insights across the value chain.

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