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DRYiCE COPA (Cognitive orchestrated process autonomics)

DRYiCE COPA (Cognitive orchestrated process autonomics)

While traditional RPA is all the rage and being pervasively explored in enterprises the world over, the next more intelligent automation holds promises that are 10X the RPA promise. Imagine bots handling unstructured data, interpreting data, developing judgment by watching and learning, we call this intelligence COPA (Cognitive Orchestrated Process Autonomics).
COPA is the futuristic RPA platform that covers End-to-End Front office, Middle office and Back office automation. It has the ability to work with unstructured and voice data inputs enabled by best-of-breed technology solutions. This platform utilizes Lucy, HCL’s virtual assistant solution developed on the world’s best AI IBM Watson & integrated with Amazon Alexa, uses Cognitive & NLP technology to deduce voice based inputs to work with different systems & applications, while also identifying patterns and making sense of the unstructured data.

We work with an extensive partner ecosystem in furthering the strength of our technology solutions. We have a dedicated WorkFusion Smart Process Automation & technology CoEs that continuously work on creating POCs, testing and enhancing our cognitive automation solutions across many industries covering enterprise automation.  

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