Enterprises today are struggling with maintaining multiple service catalogues for IT/non IT environments leading to non-standardized user experience and longer adoption cycle. They require a single system of engagement for all entities in the service supply chain. 

With each passing day, more and more enterprises are recognizing the benefits of being a service centric organization operating on XaaS (“Everything” as a Service) delivery models. A XaaS based structure infuses agility and robustness in a business enabling intelligent business operations.

Keeping these requirements in view, DRYiCE has crafted a unique product – DRYiCE XaaS Service Management (XSM) which is a cloud native solution that is instrumental in kicking off and managing the as-a-service journey of an organization.

DRYiCE XSM powers an enterprise to manage the catalogue sprawl across the enterprise, giving the client the ability to plug and play catalogues seamlessly. It is a single source of obtaining any service or related information providing full control over lifecycle of a request. 

It comes laden with a potent Knowledge Management system that enables end-user self-service through information required for their job fulfilment or to self-resolve issues. The knowledge library consists of articles that are specific to services and posted by vendors. 

The solution incorporates a virtual assistant with NLP capabilities. Virtual cognitive assistant takes commands and accomplishes tasks on subscribed services providing complete visibility on service availability and usage. 

To know more about DRYiCE XSM, download the brochure.