Business Intelligence Service provides real-time, end-to-end monitoring of business relevant targets. It is used by operations and IT staff on a day-to-day basis to ensure smooth running of the clients’ critical business flows to ensure that the important products are delivered on time.


  1. Documented view of the end-to-end business flow and understand what ‘end-to-end’ looks like
  2. Map the technology to the business process - Mapping of IT to the Business Flow
  3. Define the key performance targets across an end-to-end flow, which measures whether the business can actually operate, resulting in a defined set of performance criteria aligning business, operations, and support targets to perform the business flow
  4. Implement monitoring of performance targets in real-time across applications, which rolls up technology performance to IT performance. Real-time proactive monitoring against performance targets including volume/ value, speed, time, and availability.
  5. Automate manual checks and exception-based alerting when the check fails