HCL Digital Services | HCLTech

At the core of every step in HCLTech, innovation drives its purpose. To facilitate this, HCLTech has set up multiple Centers of Excellence (COEs) for internal purposes and their clientele. COE develops and maintains a wide range of applications, including automation, continuous improvement, tools, governance, compliance, and best practices. This transformation has been enabled through the 4R model- Re-imagine, Re-platform, Re-wire and Re-invent. The model aids the use of the right technology, be it Applied AI, SAAS, or Digital Marketing, customized per the requirements of the clientele resulting in effective outcomes delivered across multiple fronts like reducing maintenance and service costs, increasing overall performance, etc. Over the past two decades, HCLTech has owned and operated successful partnerships with major industry players. HCLTech today drives forward with the aim of rapidly expanding their footprint and become a trusted digital partner in the medical device industry.