ADvantage Boomi Deployment Framework | HCLTech

In the digital economy, every business is viewed as a technology company for whom the time-to-market is a key dierentiator. To aid enterprises in achieving its targets related to customer experience and operational excellence, application Integration has never been more critical to an organization’s IT environment. Many enterprises invested in Integration platforms lack a comprehensive strategy that puts business priorities at the heart of your approach to foundational technologies.

ADvantageTM Boomi is HCLTech way to ensure productivity and inclusiveness in Dell Boomi engagements of varied dimensions, in fulfilling the exigencies & maintaining a coherence in terms of customer experience & operational agility, while realizing the overall digital transformation vision. ADvantageTM Boomi accrues best practices from HCLTech’s past project experiences, that are essential for building an ecosystem of frameworks & accelerators, which can augment & catalyze the Boomi Integration project execution. It enables key Integration platforms technology decisions related to DevOps, monitoring, standardized frameworks and other aspects of an integration platform that ultimately simplifies your integration ecosystem and accelerates integration solutions delivery