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Azure VMware Solution: Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey

In this era of rapid digitization powered by cloud transformation, enterprises have refocused their strategic goal towards achieving resilience across all major digital touchpoints. Some of the factors that influence them in this journey include investors prioritizing exceptional revenue growth, increased customer expectations for seamless cross-channel experiences, and the organization’s ability to quickly accommodate to dynamic market shifts. Hence, there is a need for agility, quick deployment, better cloud economics, and an overarching vision for management on cloud investments.

Some of the traditional challenges associated with a typical hybrid cloud solution include compatibility issues between on-premise and public cloud environments, skills gap, migration complexity, compliance issues, and security threats.

Organizations now demand hybrid cloud models that enable comprehensive digital transformation, alleviate complexity and disruption in the existing value chain, and unlock financial flexibility. For many organizations, the pandemic has facilitated the acceleration of their cloud transformation. Despite this, businesses still face challenges while planning to extend or migrate their data center and applications to the cloud, such as lack of cloud skills, apprehensions about the risk of business disruption and concerns around refactoring complexities.

With Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS), enterprises can now move faster to the cloud by extending your on-premises VMware environments to Azure. Designed, built, and supported by Microsoft, and Cloud-verified by VMware, AVS enables you to extend or migrate VMware workloads to the cloud seamlessly, while maintaining existing VMware skills and operational processes, and leveraging the benefits of Azure altogether.

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