HCL EdgeLITy - Edge Computing offering | HCLTech

The ability to use data to generate actionable insights through advanced applications, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is fundamental to enterprise business transformation. Traditional cloud architecture often impedes this much-needed agility, and that’s where a hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem at the ‘Edge’ proves to be a game changer.

HCLTech EdgeLITy is an end-to-end offering that simplifies an enterprise’s transition to Edge-based architectures. It enables organizations to create a customized Edge computing solution that is aligned to their existing environment, capabilities and desired business outcomes. HCLTech EdgeLITy framework is designed to support enterprises that need a smart, flexible and agile solution that enables a seamless adoption to the Edge in a phased approach, thus preventing the disruption of business-critical services.

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