iExecute Adaptable and Self-learning Supply Chain execution | HCLTech

With decades of experience in working with leading retail and CPG companies, HCLTech has created a repository of use cases across the supply chain execution areas where application of data and analytics can generate considerable impact. Areas such as transportation and workforce management have even higher potential to leverage data. HCLTech can help you prioritize your use cases, create business cases, set up the data science infrastructure, and design the appropriate roll-out strategy based on your digital maturity.

Cost pressures and changing market dynamics are the two constants for the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. Ensuring that their supply chain execution systems adapt to the dynamics requires modernization of the core applications. Modern off-the-shelf products understand this requirement hence, have heavy focus on data and analytics enabling cognitive capabilities. But modernization of supply chain execution systems has a long implementation and change management cycle time, necessitating large scale capital investment. Hence, companies are looking at alternate approaches like incremental transformation where they apply data and analytics to high impact use cases keeping the core systems unchanged.