HCL Cloud Application Reliability Engineering CARE | HCLTech

Digitalization is bringing about radical changes across organizations, from driving operational excellence to better scalability and business insights for strategic decision-making. Yet, enterprises often face several challenges associated with adopting modern infrastructure, striking optimal balance between scale and cost of operations, building resilience and sustainability, etc. on the road to digitalization.  

To overcome these hindrances and achieve business reliability, HCLTech introduces Cloud Application Reliability EngineeringCARE - a robust combination of multiple tenets such as observability, impactful automations, and a culture of continuous innovation, that takes care of 'app-down' and 'platform-up' reliability. Built on SRE and DevOps foundations with strong emphasis on reliability engineering capabilities, this novel solutions helps enterprises increase the overall reliability of their core IT systems and reduce downtime across all platforms and services, thereby improving operations significantly.

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