MeterOps powered by U4X: Enterprise subscription-based metering as a service | Overcome IT Monitoring Challenges with MeterOps by U4X

With the massive data growth occurring today, organizations are met with unprecedented challenges while attempting to assess and control the current utilization of assets. It has become crucial to anticipate a projection-based demand for the future, in addition to early detection of disruption or slowdown. The onus then remains on the IT teams to drive the data economy for a competitive advantage while keeping track of budget constraints.

To overcome challenges related to IT metering and chargeback, HCLTech introduces MeterOps – an innovative solution for metering capacity metrics and resource utilization visualizations. Being lightweight with an intuitive web-based user interface, this solution can be deployed quickly on existing infrastructure to provide customized analytic reports. Thus, organizations are relieved of banal tasks like deployment, tracking and maintaining tools and skills for this business-critical activity. It also facilitates clear governance and ownership of resource utilization and associated cost implications.

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