Reimagine your networks with SD WAN 2.0 | HCLTech

We are today in a technology generation that has evolved from hardware to software to ‘anywhere’. Substantiating the WAN journey could get really nostalgic for “Network Engineers”, especially If you look at how far we have come from a Sat-Comm’s to ATM to Frame-relay to MPLS to Internet based WAN to the more recent darling of technology enthusiasts “Softwarization” of WAN. While the underlying transport technologies changed, computational powers of routers evolved, what remained constant was the human effort to configure/deploy these technologies and to run them with “Human Intelligence” In the realm of the above mentioned quote, “Yesterday” covers the ring side view of changes, from monolithic DC to branch office connectivity architectures to modern day “Anywhere” connectivity and tomorrow that what has still not come envisages the unknown and undreamt part of changing WAN paradigm

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