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Upgrading data center’s network infrastructure via SENSUS

Software defined networking has been an answer to the IT agility puzzle arising out of digitalization, which made network integration and agility critical. SDN transforms business models enabling end-to-end customer satisfaction. Amidst several challenges related to Data centers, conventional networks are not able to pace up with fast growing technology. Therefore, we bring to you Sensus-HCLTech’s Software-Defined Network framework that covers end-to-end transformation of data center’s network infrastructure.

Read this Brochure to know more about our offering, Sensus, which enhances Network agility, operational efficiency, visibility and security. This happens via policy based automation, virtualization, micro-segmenation and analytics.

This brochure helps one understand how networks can be enabled to cope up with rising business expectations via the right SDN strategy.

Download this brochure to understand why Sensus is the need for Next-Gen Networks.

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