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Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Solution

Receivables Management

Receivables management is at the core of the sales, cash flow, and revenue realization value chain. HCL’s collection/ recovery services are a unique blend of customer retention and regulatory compliant cash flow programs across the receivable collection lifecycle. With our accounts receivable management (AMR) solution, enterprises can improve collection rates to boost cash flow and free up working capital, which in turn will enhance overall productivity and service.

We’ve honed our ARM expertise over many years of high yield receivables collection operations, leveraging our technology DNA, Integrated Global Delivery Model (IGDM) and highly experienced, certified, and result oriented collectors. Our solution will help you have control over Account Receivables by tracking and pursuing invoices, process receipts, and analyzing customer activities. We provide these services to banking and financial services, telecommunications, retail, and utilities companies.

HCL’s Collection and Recovery Services

HCL offers end-to-end receivables collection and recovery management services that generate additional profits and build greater organizational efficiencies. The services encompass, first party early stage receivables collection and third party late stage recoveries.

HCL Collection and Recoveries Services Graph
End-to-End account collection management

HCL’s Value Proposition

People, Analytics and Technology (PAT) are the three pillars of HCL’s Account Receivables Management systems, which includes collections and recovery services. The PAT methodology incorporates execution-focused strategies such as deploying specialized teams, employing contact center and payment trend analysis, and automating the workflows through a feature rich platform to improve the customer- to-cash cycle.

Pillars of Collections & Recoveries Services
Three pillars of collections & recoveries services

HCL Differentiators

HCL engages an optimum mix of vintage collectors and collection products to deliver results in line with our clients’ expectations.

Structured Collections & Recoveries Management Program
Structured Collections & Recoveries Management Program

Receivables Collection Centre of Excellence (CoE)

HCL established this CoE to reinforce its receivables collection and recovery management capabilities by bringing in a focused, structured, and knowledge-led approach to receivables collection.

The objectives of HCL’s receivables management CoE are as follows:

  • Provide receivables collection personnel with continuous domain knowledge enhancement opportunities
  • Train, assess and certify collectors according to process and client requirements
  • Identify and institutionalize best practices
  • Improve receivables collection process efficiency by implementing best practices
  • Engineer metrics driven business process transformation
  • Develop industry-specific receivables management and collection solutions

Collections Licensing

HCL meets collection/ recovery regulatory compliance by continually pursuing new and renewable licensing and certification processes. HCL is licensed to carry out the debt collections business in Australia and USA.  HCL complies with the following regulations:

United States of America
FDCPA/ FCRA/ FACTA/ EFTA/ GLBA/ TILA/ TISA/ BSA/ MLCA/ US Sanctions/ SAR/ State Laws/ SOX Compliance
DCTPA/ ASIC Act/ ACCC Guidelines/ Federal Privacy Act (National Privacy Principles) and National Consumer Credit Protection Act

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HCL Receivable Management Services

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.