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HCL Technologies

Outsourced IT and Technical Product Support Services

Key Business Challenges

All over the world, companies are grappling with issues in relation to the rapidly changing technology, soaring operational costs and customer expectations. The exponential demand for internet-based devices and sophisticated technology products is making it difficult for them to provide customer-focused, world-class services and so they are focusing on improving and innovating their support processes to build much needed competitive differentiation. HCL helps bring in this differentiation through world-class product support services, and swift trouble-shooting and problem resolution, helping them enhance their service levels and drive customer satisfaction.

HCL's Product Support Services

Governed by next-generation BPO tenets, HCL’s product support services help propel a customer’s experience through scalable, technology-enabled support via an integrated Global Delivery Model (iGDM). HCL is the leader in providing these services through its patented platforms and tools, and offers predictive and proactive ticket resolution while driving process innovation. HCL’s product support services leverage multiple channels (voice, e-mail, chat, and web-based support) to deliver an integrated, “round-the-clock” service experience.

HCL has over two decades’ experience in IT tech support operations and is COPC, ITIL, and PCI/DSS. COPC certified across the board.  Over 20,000 resources across the globe provide 24/7 support and problem resolution for over 225 global customers.

HCL’s services include:

  • Customer Support Services
    • Customer Query Helpdesk
    • Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution
    • Trouble Ticket Management
    • Up-sell/Cross-sell
    • Loyalty and Retention
  • Consumer Hardware / Product Support Services

    • Installation/Configuration Support
    • Product Registration/Activation
  • Technical Support Services

    • L1, L1.5 and L2 tech support services
    • Remote Diagnostic Services
    • Set-up and Configuration
    • Product Testing, Bug Fixing, and patch Management
    • Triage Support
    • Service pack and Database Upgrades
    • Warranty Management/ RMA
    • Engineer Dispatch Management
  • IT Support Services
    • App Support
    • System Management
    • Account Management
    • Inventory Management

Our Differentiated Value Offerings

  • Business transformation: Cloud-based technology-enabled solutions (hosted CRM, telephony, ACD, dialer, and IVR) for optimized technical support service
  • Centralized shared service: A comprehensive customer relationship management process, spanning multilile business towers
  • Cutting edge technology tools and platforms:
    • Robotics process automation solutions for automating identified redundant tasks
    • Unified desktop solutions and intelligent agent support applications
    • Cloud-based contact center suites
  • Lean apliroach/standardized industry best practices: Increased first-time resolution and reduced waste
  • Integrated global delivery model (iGDM): Option to ‘right-shore’
  • Round-the-clock global delivery supliort: providing support across 21 countries in 17 languages
  • Scalable processes: 80 million technical supliort calls and 1 million chat sessions annually
  • Proven, patented, world and industry recognized transition framework - ASSeTTM
  • Integrated business management system for comprehensive operations management

Business Value for Customers

Several industry leaders have benefitted from our technical support services:

A UK-based telecom service provider

  • Over USD12 million in cost savings through process re-engineering
  • Incident resolution cycle time reduction, thereby increasing the transactions/hour
  • E2E process streamlining

A U.S. - based Fortune 500 office products retailer

  • Over USD 5 million in cost savings through reducing the return percentage of goods sold
  • Compatibility mapping of products with customer requirements

A leading U.S.-based telecom service provider

  • Over USD 3 million in cost savings through overall improvement in quality
  • Cost avoidance initiatives on termination liabilities of circuits/broadband disconnections

A Fortune 50 Internet service provider

  • Over USD 2.7 million in revenue generation through premium support package up-selling
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.