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Order Management and Utilites BPO Services

Utilities - ThumbAs the Utility Industry is grappling with mounting challenges, due to deregulation, consolidation and ever increasing competition, it becomes imperative for the Utility Industry to re-define its technology and business process capabilities. New models of value creation, changing dynamics across the business process and the strict regulations from the local and central authorities are transforming the Utilities sector from a traditional integrated sector to a highly competitive customer-centric sector. The Utility Companies are exposed to spiraling wholesale pricing volatility and face the uncertainties of the competitive customer markets forcing them to comply with the ever-changing Regulatory & Reporting Requirements and reduce costs to achieve top quartile operating and cost performance.

Thus Utility companies are turning to Outsourcing as a Strategic Initiative to improve the Operational Effectiveness.

Outsourcing Customer-facing activities is being adopted as a viable option for the utility segment looking to reduce Cost of Operation, improve Process efficiency to keep up with the competition, regulatory pressure and increased Customer Satisfaction.

  • Utility companies have been the active buyers of multifunction BPO – IDC
  • Adoption of Process Centric Customer Service is the number one strategy for utility companies to beat regulatory challenges and differentiate their business
  • 60 percent of the water utilities industry have been outsourced or plan to outsource to India

HCL Advantage

  • HCL’sBPO services across the utilities sector allows companies to achieve their objectives through:
  1. Process improvement
  2. Labor arbitrage
  3. Technology innovation
  • HCL’s Strong Experience in Regulatory Constraints like OFCOM, OFWAT, OFGEM, OFT, FDCG, FDCA etc.
  • HCL utility Centre of Excellence brings in tangible business benefits for the utility segment by:
  1. Reducing Daily Sales Outstanding
  2. Reducing Customer Disputes
  3. Increasing Collection Amount
  4. Reducing On Account Receipts
  5. Ensuring Quality Accuracy and meeting Cycle Time Adherence
  • 15 years of rich experience in Utilities Transformation and SAP for global utility clients
  • Proven Utility Back Office Solution, Works and Asset Management, CRM and Billing

HCL Expertise in Utilities Segment

  • 60 million transactions handled on Customer Support, Metering Support and Dispute Management
  • More than 700+ qualified and certified Collection Experts to manage Debt Collections
  • Dedicated WFM platforms and process to forecast ever fluctuating utility transactions
  • 20+ billing processes and over 15 million billing transactions handled for various regulatory clients
  • Proven Process compliance and understanding of OFWAT, OFCOM, OFGEM, FDCA, FDCG, OFT
  • Post Processing experience of 3 million+ transactions, purging 90 million archive pages and scanning an estimated 40-50 million pages

HCL Utility Service Offerings

HCL provides utility services for global clients across, the US and the UK, understands the challenges and knows where the opportunities are, to create greater efficiencies and adaptability. HCL possess the capability to provide the entire gamut of front office and back office processes and services in the utilities sector.

Customer Service Management Customer Acquisition Services Billing and Collection Services Service Order Management Customer Financial Management
Campaign Management Billing & Invoice residential
commercial customers
Order Processing Accounting Services
Account Enquiries
Account Setup
Billing of
Unmetered Services
Order Fulfillment Accounts Payable
Market Research Collections Management Meter to
Cash Services
Accounts Reconciliations
Customer Retention Awareness generation Customer Disputes / Refunds New Meter
& Exchange Requests
Credit Management
Electronic Customer Service Sales for
Commercial Customers
Payment Processing Meter Reading Validation Reporting and Analytics
Letter Correspondence Contracts Management      
Move-in or 
Back Office – Voice, Mail and Web-based Services
HR Support and Payroll Processing
Knowledge, Legal and Post-processing Services
Supply Chain Management / Procurement Management
Research & Analytics – Customer Service and Operations Analysis

SCM for Utilities

Our Specific Utility focused service offerings include:


Logistics Support

Inventory Planning & Management

Order Management System

Warehouse Management

SCM Visibility & Tracking

Vendor Management

Transportation Planning

Inventory Forecasting/



Visibility and Tracking

Requirement Processing

Distribution Management

Replenishment Panning

Order Routing & Optimisation

Warehousing & Storage

Promotional Planning

Source Strategy

Freight Costing

Master Data Management

Order Substitution

Merchandise Distribution

Procurement Visibility
& Tracking

Supply Order Collaboration

Freight Audit

Product Tiering/Mapping

Order Processing

Outbound Processing

Fleet Visibility & Tracking

Spend Analytics

Fleet Management

Coding (UNSPSC, EAN)

& Billing




Reverse Logistics

SKU Data Management

Returns Management

Virtual Warehousing


Direct/Indirect Procurement


Spend Analytics


Cross Docking



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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.