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HCL Technologies

HCL's Value Delivery

HCL has expertise in delivering End-to-End Information management solutions from Consulting to Managed Services in Financial Services. Our Capabilities range from Knowledge Management, Groupware & Collaboration, Document Management, Web Content Management, records Management to Business Process Management. HCL has partnerships with all major ECM product vendors like EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Oracle ECM, OpenText, Day Software, Thunderhead, iLog, Microsoft and more.

Case Study 1 - Fortune 500 global bank

HCL provided an end to end FileNet P8 based Imaging and BPM solution to the client. Imaging solution is implemented using FileNet Capture product. Paper scanning and initial indexing is done at Branches to initiate the process.

Business Benefits:
  •  Enhanced productivity and improved cycle time due to automated workflows.
  • Substantial cost savings due to improved data validation entry point, less rework and paperwork.
  • Improved processing as per defined SLA - Automated processes ensures that every instance of the process gets executed exactly as defined leading to better efficiency and error control.
  • Improved security of Information - Enterprise Content Management system has allowed tighter control on the bank data.
  • Improved Records Management

Case Study 2 - A major international bank

HCL proposed a Documentum based solution for the workflow and imaging implementation in the business unit. The implemented system was in-built with robust security features, advanced Searching and Reporting capabilities and supported interaction with external systems.

Business Benefits:
  • A faster completion of process with effective work distribution
  • A reduced turn around cycle time for the customer
  • The usage of paper was reduced drastically
  • An effective reporting was set in place for work distribution and user productivity

Case Study 3 - A leading P&C insurer in USA

Partnering with leading P&C insurer for Enhancement of Contact Center Portal and Portal Workflow

Business Objective :
  • Completely Direct Marketing model – Portal is very crucial to provide customer service
  • Client needed:
    • 360º view of customer
    • One point interface to handle most customer service requests
  • Improve system availability to ensure “anytime anywhere” service
  • Partnered with our client to build highly available and scalable online platform
  • Setup and Maintenance of MSR Work Portal based on the Chordiant platform
  • 24 X 6 Working Model to maintain all eCommerce Apps
Client Benefits:
  • Achieved client’s aggressive time to market objectives
  • Highly available infrastructure – No Outages on Portal for over 1 year after implementation – Over 15,000 MSRs log-in
  • Solution has enabled cross-selling/up-selling to customers based on business rules
  • Environment Setup tool has realized savings of approx USD 1.2 M per annum
  • Call Center solution has provided call volumes increase from USD 2 M to 6.4 M per annum

Case Study 4 - Leading General Insurance Company, India

HCL implemented a scanning and document-management solution using Documentum 5.3 SP1 and Captiva Input Accel. In this project, customer policy related documents were scanned using Captiva Input Accel and stored in Documentum Content Repository. The system offered users facility to look at scanned images stored in DMS while working on core business processes.

The key Service business drivers are:

  • Digitizing paper information for security, compliance and archiving
  • De-centralize Insurance Policy processing
  • 24X7 access to customer documents/information through their insurance workflow system from anywhere

Solution offered following facility to end-users

  • Scanning workflow
  • Scan, index and validate information with As/400 system
  • Export of documents to Documentum in controlled manner
  • Provide access to customer documents from As/400 system
  • Display documents in custom viewer to allow for “Key On Image” through AS/400 emulator screen. Key On  Image functionality will enable user to highlight particular portion of image while doing data-entry in A/s400 system
Business Benefits:
  • Central secure repository of Customer documents
  • Anytime, anywhere access to customer documents
  • In-process integration of DMS with core insurance application
  • Reduced processing time for new policies
  • Significant reduction in processing cost
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.