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Today, the ever-evolving, complex needs of customers are driving the demand for robust systems in product development enterprises to create innovative products while also reducing the development costs and time-to-market. Although best-of-the-breed packaged solutions are being deployed to address these imperatives, the challenge lies in the lack of enterprise integration solutions for consolidating these disparate systems seamlessly across various departments, locations, and vendors for richer collaboration and higher productivity while maintaining integrity and consistency of the information across the product lifecycle.

HCLTech’s “ECCO-DEX” – 3DEXPERIENCE adapter for Teamcenter PLM platform – is an enterprise integration solution that enables Teamcenter integration with 3DEXPERIENCE for seamless exchange of design and engineering data across the organization.


Connected Manufacturing

Exchange product structure

Enables the exchange of product structures between Teamcenter and 3DEXPERIENCE

Connected Products and Services

Synchronize incremental changes

Eliminates the necessity to exchange entire product structures by incorporating incremental changes

Connected Products and Services

Control ownership

Manages the ownership of data exchange and the ability to transfer ownership

Connected Products and Services

Optimized exchange for large structures

Minimizes errors during the manual or semi-automatic exchange of large structures

Connected Products and Services

Multi-system connectivity

Facilitates consolidated product reference throughout the enterprise

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