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Accelerating shopping experiences through omnipresent web commerce


Convenience has always been the number one driver for customer experiences online, but in the last few months, it has become a necessity to avoid potential health risks– particularly for buying daily essentials like groceries, foods, and beverages. For food and convenience store retailers, the urgency of responding to these changing customer experiences requires robust commerce tools of a capable systems integrator as it has never been more critical to sustain the business.

Listen to global systems integrator HCLTech and Forrester Wave-named digital commerce leader Commercetools describe how you can add new and personalized customer experiences to your digital commerce system in three to six months rather than the years it takes on traditional monolithic commerce tools and platforms. This will help realize how technology and process automation can help realize the best solution for retailers and consumers to connect online and in-store through shared platform commerce tools for enhanced customer experiences.

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