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The world is rushing toward the digital era. Digital engineering is rapidly changing how ISVs create value and define their competitive advantage, with a growing focus on SaaS, data analytics, and cybersecurity domains. HCLTech has an exhaustive digital engineering services portfolio that helps you reimagine engineering and operations through the digital lens, thereby creating exponential business value by leveraging the power of software, data, connectivity, and new digital technologies.


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Cloud engineering
The new normal calls for accelerating every organization’s cloud- adoption and modernization journey to overcome the challenges posed by new ways of developing and delivering services. HCLTech’s Cloud Engineering services addresses the challenges and end-to-end needs of such organizations by leveraging the power of cloud to create differentiated user experiences. Our unique approach, vast experience, and patented accelerators like Cloud Bridge Suite enable enterprises to fast-track their transformation and modernization journey with the help of highly automated and industrialized cloud operations, consulting, transformation, and customer onboarding services.

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Today, customers across all verticals are witnessing the need for data modernization. Getting a consolidated performance view of the enterprise, customer, and product while driving superior experience leveraging AI/ML is a prevailing concern for global enterprises. With HCLTech’s Data Engineering Analytics offering, you can transform your ways to develop ideas and design user experiences. HCLTech offers deep expertise, a tailor-made portfolio of product analytics services, and cutting-edge accelerators to empower organizations with real-time insights.

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