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"For applications like SAP… even a few minutes of downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue."

- Global Client for HCL & Google Cloud

"Migrating SAP to the public cloud such as on Google Cloud is not just a technical decision, it is also how we can harmonise and modernise the processes, which takes time,"

- COO of a German enterprise that adopted Google Cloud for SAP modernization


SAP Modernization: Intelligent core driving Digital Native Future Enterprise

Based on recent IDC data, only 26% of organizations can demonstrate successful ROI from their digital transformation spend. This needs to change! To achieve this, IT and business leaders need to prioritize enterprise core transformation (including SAP). But this is no mean feat. This IDC whitepaper assesses this journey in detail.

Highlights from the whitepaper

Enable Digital Native Future Enterprise

Digital transformation and innovation imperatives are driving modernization of ERP on the cloud to maximize business agility and adaptability and data‐led intelligence.


Choose the right migration path for your organization

From a migration point of view, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for migration. Priorities vary, and organizations must determine their best way forward.


Implement data-driven agility and intelligence

Embedding intelligence into ERP and migrating it to the cloud, also requires digitising processes end to end, adopting a new culture, and bridging multiple systems and owners.


Choose an experienced and trusted partner

Organizations should look for a trusted partner that leads in the newest cloud‐ native technologies and can bring them onto a future‐proofed platform while also supporting the cultural and process changes needed.


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