21st Century Industrial Manufacturing

With disruptive technologies evolving today’s landscape, to strive and thrive organizations need to remodel themselves to become 21st Century Enterprise. The 21st Century Enterprise can be distinguished from its characteristics of experience-centricity, agility, service and outcome based orientation.

The 21st Century Industrial Manufacturing companies need to create an interactive plant environment which utilizes the intuitive experiences of consumer electronics. With the advent of mature communications and affordable sensor technologies, companies can now monitor customer behaviour with respect to capital intensive equipment.

With decades of Industrial Manufacturing experience, HCL is recognized as one of the country’s largest information and computing technology manufacturing organizations. Our Industrial Manufacturing Center of Excellence leverages the latest technologies (Smart products, Mobility, Unified communications, Natural user interface, and more) to help customers remain agile and efficient. Recently we acquired Geometric Limited, a leader in the PLM and Digital Manufacturing space, to bolster our capabilities in product lifecycle management. Read more.

Key Highlights:
  • Over 10 years of differential solutions experience

  • Customers include leading Fortune 500 companies

  • State of the art test lab for EMI/EMC and Environmental Testing

  • SEI CMM Level 4/5 centers, ISO 9001, CMMI and ISO27001 certified

  • Domain spread across Energy and Utilities, Industrial Products & Process, Off Highway Equipment and Building System and Technologies.

  • 1800+ dedicated engineers for Industrial Manufacturing business

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Industrial Process and Products (IPP) industry comprise of a set of organizations from diverse background: Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Food and Beverage, Mining, Building Automation etc. Technologies like Industry 4.0, industrial internet and Big Data analytics bring different set of opportunities that can be leveraged for productivity enhancement, by active monitoring of all plant assets and supply chain.

HCL can partner with you in your efforts to leverage new technologies in transforming the manufacturing value chain for reduced production costs and better visibility of different aspects of the supply chain. Our broad range of services cover diverse systems such as: -



Waste water treatment and transport

Security and Surveillance

Food Processing



21st Century Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturers need to respond to the opportunities and threats presented by the digital revolution in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. HCL’s 21st century digital manufacturing solutions provide an integrated approach to product lifecycle to link all phases from planning, designing and testing to supply chain management and manufacturing.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering Services

With product lifecycles shrinking by the day, companies need to embrace continuous innovation. While there is a need to optimize their R&D spending, they need to adopt a methodology which can help them manage rising costs. HCL’s Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) is an effective framework which identifies and eliminates areas of high cost and improves the profitability of a product by creating alternatives that perform the required function at a lower total cost.


Celebrating a timeless relationship with Eaton

Celebrating a timeless relationship with Electrolux