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Priorities for application modernization have elevated. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how vulnerable organizations are when they lack the data and insights at the right time to quickly respond to as well as get ahead of business disruptions. As a result, many organizations are seeking to upgrade their packaged applications to build better business resiliency and intelligence.

Along these lines, IDC has found that nearly 30% of organizations predominantly use SAP to run and manage their businesses. Where so many organizations depend on their SAP applications to backstop their business operations and build competitive advantages, they have become overwrought with modernizing their SAP estates while ensuring that modernization delivers value quickly for both the short term and the long term.

This free whitepaper, authored by IDC, answers:

  • How to overcome the challenges you face while running SAP?
  • How you can best modernize your SAP solutions with HCLTech' RISE with SAP services.
  • How to fully harness the benefits that SAP's intelligent enterprise software provides.
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