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SAP Migration Key Considerations IDC


IDC: Key considerations for your SAP migration to public cloud

Expert insights and best practices you need while planning your SAP cloud migration

The SAP cloud migration offers increased business agility, resilience, streamlined operations, and maintenance, besides improved usability and scale, and lower total cost of ownership. As 70% of the enterprises are reliant on SAP for core workloads, their migration is now a question of “when”, and not “if.”

While the benefits of SAP digital transformation are clear, migrating business-critical SAP workloads on your own can be exceedingly complex, resulting in disruptive and expensive delays or downtime.

This free whitepaper, authored by IDC, answers:

  • Why the urgency to migrate and modernize your SAP applications now?
  • The five most-common SAP modernization strategies.
  • Tips to de-risk your SAP migration and/or modernization projects.
  • How to select the right technology partners to avoid costly disruption, downtime, and delays.
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