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HCL Technologies has an extensive global network of delivery centers to provide seamless IT services to customers worldwide. Having crossed $1bn in net profit, $5bn in revenue and  $15bn in market capitalization, we stand among the only 8 companies who have achieved this milestone. With a diverse workforce of over 105,000 employees in offices across 31 countries, our numbers speak for themselves. 

Our belief in Trust, Transparency and Flexibility drives us to step into our customers' business reality, guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm.

Our range of offerings include product engineering, custom and package applications, BPO, IT infrastructure services, IT hardware, systems integration, and distribution of information and communications technology (ICT) products across a wide range of focused industry verticals.



At HCL Technologies, the organizational pyramid is inverted - we’ve placed our employees at the core of our culture. This philosophy of ‘Employees First, Customers Second’ has given birth to the culture of Ideapreneurship, a self-sustaining, self-inspired, innovation engine that drives HCL forward. It is a unique innovation culture in which every employee gets the opportunity to ideate, and where these everyday ideas set a new business paradigm. Ideapreneurship puts employees at the forefront of innovation where they innovate and collaborate with each other and with customers to seed, nurture and harvest ideas.

In fact, this culture of Ideapreneurship has paved the way for many employees to take the Relationship Beyond the Contract for their clients. Yes, at HCL, we believe that that the true essence of a relationship surpasses the dotted lines of a contract. And with our employee-led innovations, we’ve succeeded in delivering immense value for our clients by keeping their interests in mind.



During the course of your candidature and/or it successful conversion to employment, the Company may retain a third party to conduct a background check on you covering, among other things, your education, previous employment(s), achievements listed on your resume/CV, criminal history, etc. By applying to any job you hereby agree to execute such forms as may be required by the Company and/or the third party to facilitate such background checks. You also acknowledge and agree that your employment with HCL is subject to your receiving a clean background verification report. HCL reserves the right to revoke your offer and/or terminate your employment on the basis of an adverse report.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.