Singapore Career Fair | HCL Technologies


HCL Singapore invites all Graduate & Post Graduates with Specialization/Interest in Computer Science and/or Information Technology discipline, to explore exciting career opportunities. Given the ever-increasing demand for quality talent within HCL, there is a significant need to create a talent pool that will be equipped with the requisite expertise, and be technically and professionally prepared to join the highly specialized workforce at HCL.

At HCL, we encourage our employees to take the initiative to shape the roles and define areas of work that will benefit directly from their individual expertise. This culture of ideapreneurship™ is a result of HCL’s Employees First values, which collectively empower and encourage individual employees at all levels of the organization to come up with innovative solutions to operational and customer challenges.

This vibrant culture motivates every employee to rise to the challenge of being an ideapreneur and transforms our employees into idea led intrapreneurs with the capability to change the business landscape and deliver positive outcomes.

Application Process

Do you have the passion to excel, urge to be creative, a never-ending thirst for knowledge and the desire to grow? Then, HCL is the right place for you because we focus on building a culture of innovation and breakthrough thinking, which results in value creation. The work environment and corporate culture ensures your personal and professional development along with the overall growth of the organization.

Interview Process


Our user friendly career section enables you to apply for the desired job

Submit your resume with complete list of credentials and provide detailed information about your experience for the position applied


A recruiter/technical panel will screen your application and if your credentials match with our requirement, we will contact you for further details


Technical interview is a golden opportunity for you to exhibit your technical skills. The question would range across disciplines and may include puzzle, problems and other out-of-the-box idea related questions


Here is our chance to get to know each other better. We try to understand your career goals, skills, strengths, passion etc. You can quiz the recruiter anything you would like to know about the position or HCL as an organization

Offer roll-out

Finally, if you are successful, an offer is rolled out alongwith compensation structure and other rules related to employment at HCL