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Fun Starters

Take the Load off – Work Together, Have Fun Together

We abide by the motto that, ‘No one wants to leave a place where they are having fun’.
  • MEME - Voice your thoughts: Do you want your voice to be heard in the organization? Our internal social networking platform - Meme is the perfect avenue for you. It gives you a voice and helps you pool and share information, thereby strengthening our organization’s culture. The objective of MEME is to drive collaboration and innovation through ‘Connect, Learn, Share and Grow.’ This platform features standard applications like network of friends and colleagues, technical forums, document sharing and group conversations. Through MEME, we address a series of needs emerging out of our multi-generational workforce including aspects of gender, culture, ability, work life continuity, values, and other professional and personal interests.
  • Digital Contests – Challenge your Skills: Our social networking platform MEME, hosts several online contests to challenge your mind and test your skills. There is also an opportunity for you to collaborate with your friends and demonstrate your collective talents. Over a course of time, these online contests have become widely popular with our employees. Some of the contests conducted were Travel Tales, Smile a While, Independence Day contests, etc.
  • Discount Portal - Savings Plan: In the current economic climate, you will appreciate the chance to save and increase your spending power. At HCL, we have an online employee discount portal that works with leading retailers, online, local, statewide and national businesses, to provide amazing offers for you. Varieties of products, which range from real estate to cosmetics to eateries, are hosted.
  • Kids @ Work Day – Working Role Models: Children in their formative years consider their parents as role models. Now you can reinforce that opinion by bringing your kids on Kids @ Work Day. This initiative was launched in 2011 to let children see what their parents do at work.  It sets up a memorable and inspiring role model scenario and demonstrates the value of work. Kids@Work Day is a fun filled day for both you and your children. There are many games and activities organized to ensure everyone is entertained.

  • Fundoo Friday - Fun @ Work: What could be more enjoyable on a Friday afternoon than taking a break from work to have a little fun? Here in HCL, Fridays are all about interesting fun filled activities without affecting work schedules. An hour on Fridays of every week is celebrated with a lot of offline/online activities, events, contests and competitions across HCL offices in India. An employee's birthday is the perfect time to break up the daily routine. Birthday bashes is a monthly gala affair during which all the employees of a facility gather and celebrate the birthday of the employees. Our birthday bashes are inclusive of various games, activities and mouthwatering snacks.
  • Hobby Clubs and Classes – Leisure Unplugged: Employees with similar interests come together through Hobby Clubs and Classes hosted on Meme. We provide a collaborative space where employees share tips and tricks, plan common interest activities or just have fun together. Hobby classes are conducted regularly to help you learn new skills and unwind from your regular work schedules.
  • Camp Sunshine – Boundless fun and frolic: It is a five-day camp organized at major locations in India viz. Bangalore, Chennai and NCR. The camp is open for children in the age group of 4-15 years and their parents. Workshops on theatre, singing, dancing, pottery, art and craft, personality development, puppet show, movies, fireless cooking, and science projects, are conducted. Sessions on grooming, financial planning, dancing, meditation and yoga, cookery, self-defense, childcare and so forth area also organized for the parents. The camp ends with a gala performance on the last day and is a great learning experience for everyone involved.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.