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Job Starters

Ignition Point - Recognizing Excellence

Our employees’ commitment to hard work is our greatest strength. We value your performance and are happy to spend time and energy in appreciating what you do. At HCL, we believe in recognizing and celebrating our employees who are an inspiration for others through their outstanding contribution.
If you love playing Superman, then we are happy to award you the Oscar.
  • MAD JAMIdeas are endless: Providing opportunities for every employee to discover their true startup passion and to develop the mindset, skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their aspirations is the way of life at HCL. MAD JAM (Make A Difference Jamboree) is a forum that celebrates innovation at HCL and the transformers behind it.It throws limelight on the all-consuming passion in the many transformer HCL employees who have Made A Difference   (MAD). MAD JAM has managed to create a path breaking shift – from leaders driving ideas, to you giving and leading your great ideas. Know more about MAD JAM.
  • Employee Passion Indicative Count (EPIC) – Gauging your aspiration: Passion is inherent in every entrepreneur and it is this passion that drives value creation. To be a successful entrepreneur it is important to understand your passion drivers and identify your passion indicators. HCL‘s EPIC helps understand, identify and leverage them to create maximum value for the organization and yourself.
  • Employee Councils - Reward & Recognition: At HCL rewards and recognition goes to the risk-takers, to the disruptive free spirits and to those who lead a richer and fuller life by enriching others. We believe in inspiring change and rewarding free spirits for their disruptive contributions. The program aims to motivate change makers by recognizing them on a large and common platform.
HCL Employee Councils - Reward & Recognition 2EMPLOYEE COUNCILS   REWARDS AND RECOGNITION2
  • The O2 League of the Extraordinary: We believe in encouraging and recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees. The O2 League is one such platform where we recognize extraordinary Ideapreneurs who have made a difference by going that extra mile while adhering to work ethos.
Every year we come together to applaud these people at the O2 Gala night , a mega employee event where we will appreciate you for your splendid performance.
HCL O2 League of the Extraordinary 1 HCL O2 League of the Extraordinary 2
  • Coffee Conversations – Business Class: Coffee Conversations is an informal meeting platform where O2 employees get a chance to network with top leaders over a cup of coffee. We believe that through these interactions, outstanding contributors get a chance to demonstrate their expert knowledge and business acumen.
  • Xtra Miles - It pays to pay a compliment: At HCL, we encourage you to compliment your colleagues and boost their morale through Xtramiles. Xtramiles is a unique forum to inculcate Ideapreneurs into a culture of expressing gratitude, appreciation and recognition amongst co-workers, team members and managers across the organization.
  • Employee Councils Elections – Be the change: The Employee Councils – Chargers and the Employees First Council – give employees the chance to shape HCL their way. These two councils provide employees the platform to pursue their passion as well as anchor transformational initiatives.
Both the councils are purely democratic and employees who wish to be a part of them have to submit their nominations. The Chargers are elected by Ideapreneurs through organization wide elections held across all locations. For the Employees First Council, the nominations are first seconded by employees and then endorsed by HR and line leadership. The elected members for both the councils will lead various initiatives in their respective regions.
HCL Employee Councils Elections 1HCL Employee Councils Elections 2
  • Blogher –   Connect - change minds and mindsets: At Blogher you’ll find the best conversations led by HCL Women Leaders. This well-known initiative at HCL mentors employees who are consumed with an all-encompassing passion for change. Though BlogHer is a blogging section dedicated to women-centric/gender issues that impact their performance at the workplace; it is also an endeavor to create a free, open and running dialogue by encouraging both men and women to share their perspective on wide-ranging issues and suggest gender-inclusive policies and practices.
  • Library on Demand – A book is man’s best friend: If you are a regular browser through some of the well-known online book stores then, you have reached your destination. At HCL, we have an online platform for book lovers to get their favorite books delivered at their workstations. Voracious bookworms can now stop worrying about missing out on reading the latest books releases.
  • Bingo – Emotional Intelligence Academy: Professional skills will give you the start you desire, but soft skills will rocket you to the top. Driven by the passion to excel, many of us restrict ourselves to acquiring professional skills. However, the lack of soft skills will pull you down, particularly when you have to motivate your team and also when you have to convince others about your innovative ideas. Bingo- our emotional intelligence academy is designed to bridge this gap. It is an outcome of HCL’s belief that every employee should be equipped to maximize their entrepreneurial mindset.
Our social networking platform - MEME hosts a number of short animated films which impart training on soft skills, such as courtesy, etiquette and community awareness.

Work Life Balance 

  • BABY & U - The voice of parenting: Healthy moms = Healthy babies. This unique program is dedicated to ensure the welfare of expectant mothers. The goal is to offer expectant mothers additional support they need during pregnancy and child-birth.  Expectant mothers at HCL receive health guides that detail all the good health practices necessary to ensure both mother and child are healthy.
  • HEALTH CAMPS – Health Boot-camps:  It is said that we appreciate health only when we fall ill. Even though we realize that good health is one of the keys that unlock creativity, we continue to neglect it. In order to heighten your awareness and to disseminate good health practices, HCL conducts health camps. Apart from these health camps, HCL also conducts immunization drives such as the immunization drive conducted against cervical cancer. 
  • GENIE - Personal assistant: Make GENIE do your bidding - simplify your life and live the life you imagined. Genie is our concierge service that frees you from frittering away your time and energy in non-productive activities. You can use this service to complete your personal commitments and make your life simple.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.