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We are inviting ambitious college students interested in learning and landing a career in technology to apply for Rise at HCL Academy – a new training program that gives you a direct path to a great job in the fast-growing tech industry. We believe that technology skills are critical to the successful start of an IT career. Because of this belief, we are offering an incredible training opportunity for students to fast track their career launch.

Whether you are simply an IT and coding enthusiast or are ready to enter the profession, we have the program to get you skilled for the workplace. The Rise at HCL Academy provides comprehensive training and support to students as part of our commitment to empower today’s aspiring professional with the skills of tomorrow.

In this self-paced, coach-led training program, designed to help you qualify for technical career aptitude tests, you will learn foundational skills and basics of programming and software development. Our curriculum offers four tracks to choose from, all built to deliver a strong foundation in Java, Python, .NET or IT Infrastructure and start you on the path to a rewarding career in tech.

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professional training

Learn the basics of the popular Java language in this introductory course, where you will gain expertise in the basics of programming languages and object-oriented programming concepts with Java. Understand references/pointers, iterative statements, error handling & collections, Java tools, testing, and logging. Get fundamentals on spring boot and web development using JavaScript. Build knowledge on databases, database management, relational database, and database connectivity, database tables and SQL scripts. Learn how to design and develop web pages using HTML CSS and JavaScript.


professional training

This module is a great introduction to the basics of programming in Python. Understand numbers and specific rules for usage. Learn strings, Python sequences, and codes, creating comments and multiple line commands. Learn values, variables, numbers, text strings, tuples, lists, dictionaries, and sets in Python. Get to know conditional statements, functions, objects, classes, and modules. Learn OOP and data science with Python and how to design and develop applications using Python.


professional training

In this module, you will build fundamental knowledge on C# and Object Oriented Programming. Learn SQL as a language and to interact with SQL server in the context of .NET applications. Learn to develop windows forms apps. Understand programming concepts with C – abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, attribute, and behavior. Learn microservices and .NET. Design and develop webpages using HTML CSS and JavaScript.


support professional training

Learn fundamental concepts of IT support like networking, operating systems, system administration, troubleshooting and customer service. This series will introduce you to a comprehensive understanding of windows troubleshooting, network concepts & VPN, active directory, outlook, office 365 and Skype/ MS Teams.

For more information around the program please download our FAQ Document to find answers to some commonly asked questions.


Please provide a detailed description of your major discipline such as Information Technology and Security - Concentration in Server Administration, Electronic Engineering Technology, Data Science, etc.

Work experience (if any)

HCL provides software and services to U.S. Federal Government customers through its partner ImmixGroup, Inc. Please contact ImmixGroup, Inc. at HCLFederal@immixgroup.com

Documents should be 600-800 words long and in .doc, .docx, .pdf or rich text format.

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