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Work – and Your Life

Coming to Work . . . Because You Want To

A dynamic and vibrant work environment ensures that Ideapreneurs walk in every morning – well, most mornings – with a smile, and leave at the end of the day feeling valued and enriched.

In fact, our “Employees First” philosophy is aimed at placing every employee at the forefront of transformation, empowering them with knowledge, resources and infrastructure in a workplace that nurtures innovation.

At the same time, we believe that helping employees find work-life continuity, advancing their social and cultural aspirations and providing them an opportunity to connect with each other reduces stress, builds team spirit and optimizes performance.

From embracing diversity to offering “miles” that can earn you recognition and rewards, HCL Technologies provides its employees a workplace that is more than just a place to work.

Here is a snapshot of various initiatives designed to enthuse and inspire HCL employees:


HCL Technologies works hard to create a supportive environment for employees with diverse backgrounds. Accordingly, the company reaches out to a diverse talent pool of different nationalities, cultures social background and work experiences. Team leaders are equipped with skills to work across the globe in virtual teams. Affinity networks and Employee First Councils help the company reach out to employees from diverse backgrounds. The networks ensure that diverse perspectives are included in all business operations.


XtraMiles is a unique program that offers peers, team members and managers to recognize employees for outstanding effort. XtraMiles provides a platform to say “thanks” and helps strengthen a culture of employee appreciation. For every XtraMile that employees walk in their professional life at HCL, they stand a chance to earn a “mile.” Accumulation of these points not only offers recognition but entitles them to earn rewards.


“Genie” is a personal shopper and assistant that specializes in giving employees the gift of time. This facility is an all-purpose coordinator, entertainment guide, errand runner and personal assistant that can manage routine tasks, such as paying utility bills.

Women’s Network

Women are altering the face of the corporate world – and the face of HCL. Whether nurturing their families at home or leading transformation on the job, women executives offer special value. To help them meet the particular challenges they sometimes face, a peer network of HCL women executives provides support, advocates for a gender-neutral work environment and drives policy changes, through initiatives such as “Women Connect.”


Mitr (Hindi for your “friend”) is a specialist team of personal advisors who help employees prepare for challenges and tackle them more effectively. Mitr’s support, information and advice is completely free and confidential, and just a phone call away.

Find @ HCL

This is employees’ own “classifieds” portal, where they can list items they want to sell or search for items they wish to buy. It even includes a matrimonial section, where Ideapreneurs can search for a life partner!

Employee First Councils

These councils offer a unique platform for Ideapreneurs to lead change. They provide an opportunity to a diverse group of individuals to come together and work towards a common cause that they are passionate about. EFCs are participative and democratic forums developed for Ideapreneurs and run by Ideapreneurs. 

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.