Strengthening security posture for a multinational cosmetics firm | HCLTech

Learn how HCLTech Cybersecurity & GRC services helped a client to improve their security posture and enhance their detection capability against attacks from external adversaries and insider threats.

The client needed a security partner who will help them to deploy and manage a SIEM solution to meet the following requirements:

  • Identify and analyze the anomalies associated with the current IT setup and reduce the probability of incidents through timely monitoring.
  • Improve incident response time through security analytics and digital threat intelligence.
  • Proactively identify threats targeted on the industry vector and apply proactive measures to safeguard the environment from such attacks.

Keeping in mind the client's security needs, HCLTech Cybersecurity and GRC services proposed a dedicated SIEM instance that is GDPR compliant and meets the organization’s security policy. HCLTech’ robust SIEM solution was a much-needed value addition to the client's cybersecurity stance.