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CEO SPEAK: Doing our bit for Sustainability

We are living the ‘Turbulent Teens’ in our journey to sustainability. The term coined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in its Vision 2050 report refers to the period from 2010 to 2020. Stamped by three distinct phases of crisis, clarity and action, this decade is expected to be a formative period for ideas and relationships that will take place in the years to follow. 
Leaders across the world are deliberating what they can do to ensure sustainable growth and development.  Understandably so, as the pre-teen tantrums that preceded this period have been all too evident on climate change, land degradation, water scarcity, and the general deterioration of the ecosystem.
It is therefore time for every country, every industry, every organization, and every individual to embrace responsibility for bringing about positive change. In fact, according to WBCSD President Björn Stigson, the Turbulent Teens, with all their transformations and innovations, will present huge opportunities for those companies that understand society’s challenges and the need for innovative solutions. 
We are fortunate that we are part of an industry that has the capability to not only take steps to make our own organizations sustainable, but also help others walk the path of sustainability. At HCL, we have been trying to do our bit, taking early steps in this direction. The Green warriors at HCL provided us with some very simple, yet practical ideas and also took ownership for implementing these ideas. The ideas ranged from printer holidays to using energy efficient lighting systems in our large offices. We learnt some best practices on energy management approach from our customers. We got some insights on facilities and infrastructure management from eminent research institutes such as TERI and USGBC
Externally, we have pushed the boundaries of innovation and collaborated with customers to create solutions for business transformation to meet their green, governance and growth requirements. As one of the pioneers in setting up Green Data Centers in India, our offerings under our Green Data Centre strategy have had significant impact on the carbon footprint of our customers. 

In India, I have already written to the Ministry of Renewable Energy about our commitment to supporting their alternate energy sourcing policy. But, what seems to be the concern is as much as we demand renewable energy; we do not have sufficient availability of the same in the locations that we operate in. I’d like to invite practical ideas on how we can overcome this gap, and make India produce sufficient renewable energy.
The World Business Council proposes a pathway to sustainability by 2050 in which 9 billion people live well, and within the limits of the planet. To achieve this, each of us has to make it our business. What do you think are the most important steps that governments, business and civil society must take today – as partners in building a better tomorrow? 
Our former Vice Chairman & former Joint Managing Director engages with stakeholders through his blog, ‘In Search of New Leaders’ at
His ideas and thoughts on sustainability, innovation, diversity and leadership are shared regularly through this platform.


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.