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Campaign’s Process

Process included ideation, selection of the channel, social media strategy, selecting the job profiles, the interviewing process

A. Ideation

The requirement was to establish HCL Technologies as the “First-in- Class” & “Digital Disrupter” in the IT Recruitment Industry. Instead of using traditional platforms of e-recruiting i.e. job portals or social apps or the website, the team decided to leverage the new channels for end-to-end recruitment drive.

B. Channel Research

a) Selecting the best platform for the social recruitment campaign launch.

After detailed research on the platform, Twitter was selected as preferred platform because

  • Twitter is a multi-faceted real-time conversational content based platform which allows users to create connections, network and hand-pick candidates. Twitter sees about 175 million tweets and about 300,000 new visitors on a daily basis and thus, is emerging as a major platform for recruitment branding & recruiters. Further to this as per the study conducted by Gozaik & ComScore –
  • 6.7 Mn Tweeters plan to change their jobs in next 12 months
  • 5 Mn Tweeters have used career search service in last 6 months
  • More than 500,000 social job announcements are released on Twitter each month
  • 39% of all job seekers are on Twitter
  • By the close of 2014, total job announcements will reach more than 2M per month
  • Of the top 50 positions posted on Twitter, IT and sales comprise more than 24% of posted positions.
  1. The platform’s structure of replying in 140 characters increases the challenge for candidates to provide their answers succinctly and cleverly. The one-liner mode of conversation on Twitter marks its superiority over other platforms for conducting social interviews and hence, Twitter.
  2. HCL already had a strong follower base of 175k+ on twitter, the team had a captive audience to initiate the campaign.
b) Mobile Responsive Website

As per the recent survey conducted by, it was found that 43 percent of job candidates’ research their prospective employer and read the job description on their mobile device. As per another independent survey conducted by Snagajob2, 68% Job seekers consider their mobile as an important job search tool.

Thus, the first step for the team was to create a website which was mobile responsive and multi–device friendly. The landing page as well as the website was designed to ensure that we did not miss out on audience coming through mobile or tablets.

C. The Interview Process

The interview process was divided in 3 Rounds, as described below:

The Interview Process
Fig 1 – The Interview Process​

Round 1: ​The selection would be basis correct answers to 6 consecutive questions on IQ, OQ (operational quotient) and FQ (functional quotient). There is no validation being done and this is similar to the practice being current followed by recruiters when they do telephonic interviews.  At the end of the first round, only 100 candidates are getting shortlisted- globally.

Round 2: Tweet Chat: HCL Leaders interacting with 100 shortlists to the answer their queries about HCLT culture & domain requirements.
Domain Specific Q&A: Inviting the 100 short-listed candidates to submit their LinkedIn profiles and. All 100 will also be asked to sign in a terms and conditions + authentication document which will carry their digital signature.

Round 3 - Finals: In the final round, 5 short-listed participants will be evaluated by HCL Leaders through an interaction on Twitter and 1 candidate will be handpicked from amongst them.

D. Job Profiles

After doing a thorough Google search volume analysis and Social Listening analysis, on different domains in the IT sector, we chose 5 high search volume work profiles and created in opportunity in them, so that, we could reach out to maximum job-seekers through the campaign. All the selected profiles were mapped to HCL’s senior leadership & it was decided that the finally selected candidate will shadow the leader in their respective field.

Big Data Guru is the Data Analysis Consulting Profile. The candidate is supposed to stay abreast with numbers and understand Data Analysis as a domain. The candidate will be mentored by Matteo Colombo, VP, Business Analytics Services.

Big Data Guru
Fig 2 – Job Profile (Big Data Guru)

Hacker-In-Chief is the champion software coder profile. (S)He is supposed to know various computer languages and would be aligned with delivery teams of HCL.  The candidate will be mentored by Kalyan Kumar, Sr. VP and Chief Technologist, HCL.

Hacker Cheif
Fig 3 – Job Profile (Hacker In Chief)

Digital Trotter will work as a Digital Marketing Consultant to HCL Technologies and will explore how HCL leverages digital to reach out to target audience. The candidate will be mentored by Kiran Somalwar, VP, Enterprise Transformation Services.

Digital Trotter
Fig 4 – Job Profile (Digital Trotter)

The Ideapreneurship Evangelist is the business & IT consulting profile. The candidate is expected to be aligned with the company’s culture of Ideapreneurship and will be working closely with Dharmender Kapoor, VP, BITS and will explore HCL culture.

Fig 5 – Job Profile (Ideapreneurship Evangelist)

Womenspiration will be a consultant for HCL Technologies in the field of diversity. The candidate will further improve how diversity is implemented in the company and would work closely with Srimathi Shivashankar, Associate VP, Diversity and Sustainability

Women Inspiration
Fig 6 – Job Profile (Womenspiration)

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.