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Business Challenge

Business Challenge

The aviation industry was the lifeline of economic activities before it hit a slump due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Demand fell sharply and while the industry is slowly resuming, it might take a few years to recover completely. At the same time, demand for cargo flights has doubled and will continue to grow owing to increased e-commerce sales and the need for freighters to transport COVID 19 vaccines when ready. However, the limited availability of freighters, and high costs and time involved in passenger to cargo conversion resulted in unmet demand. This presents the aviation industry with an opportunity to minimize losses and recover revenues partially - by shifting from passenger to auxiliary cargo.

Our Proposition

Our Proposition

HCLTech’s Passenger to Auxiliary Cargo Conversion Solution helps convert passenger aircrafts into a temporary cargo configuration and allows airlines to transport cargo in their passenger cabins after seats are removed. It provides a comprehensive coverage of auxiliary conversion, offers variety of cargo loading configurations and also includes interactive audio video modules for each stage. As the solution does not mandate any modification to aircraft structures/interiors, conversion back from cargo to passenger will be quick, easy and can be done at airline hangars. It also includes complete engineering activities, and documentation for Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).


Conversion Configurations

Solution Brochure


Connected Manufacturing

Unique Locking Mechanism

HCLTech Designed Locking mechanism for less loading/unloading time

Connected Products and Services

Temporary Conversion at Airline Hangars

Lower cost of IT infrastructure, management, and application support

Connected Products and Services

Short Lead-Time

Short lead-time for conversion using COTS items/ Tools

Connected Products and Services

Refrigerated Vaccine Containers

Temperature Controlled Containers for Vaccine transportation

Connected Products and Services

Quick and Easy reconversion

Quick and Easy reconversion owing to minimal modifications

Connected Products and Services

High Payload Capacity

Usage of pallets instead of loading on the seats, floor mat

HCLTech A&D Advantage

VLSI Design
30+years of A&D Engineering Experience
Systems and hardware engineering
Engineering team with expertise across the A&D product lifecycle
Software product engineering
Extensive experience in Cabin interiors including IFEC and Monuments
Product lifecycle management
Engineering and certification support for cabin reconfigurations
Product lifecycle management
Complete turn-key technical publications management services
Product lifecycle management
Flexible business models aligned to customer needs

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