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Complying with customer data privacy norms goes beyond mere legal mandates.It is essential to enhance retention rates and brand reputation. Leading organizations are therefore striving for a stringent regulatory mechanism including patent information, personally identifiable information (PII) and non-personally identifiable (NPI) data. At HCL, we recognize the following factors hindering IT processes:

  • Lack of visibility across regulatory/contractual controls
  • Fragmented data management models
  • Distributed processes for identity and privilege access management
  • Absence of unified auditing/logging systems and change assurance programs
  • Decentralized vulnerability management tools
  • Undocumented user access intricacies
  • Inadequate third-party access governance

We envision a complete security and compliance revamp to address these challenges, aligning companies to the Digital Fortress framework for secure service delivery. Layered security is pivotal to the HCL Digi-I-Fort, combining diverse controls, security products, and tech components. Controls for data center environments and critical systems within the customer ecosystem are identified using a tool-agnostic framework, comprising the following phases:

  • Assess control state during customer acquisition
  • Analyze ongoing processes
  • Document to be achieved state
  • Implement controls via tech enablers

Key Attributes:

  • Process & technology control enabling secure global operations model
  • Industry compliance including pharma regulations, HIPAA, GxP, data privacy and export norms
  • Adherence to domain standards such as COBiT, COSO, ISO, OCEG, NIST, CIS, IIA, and ITIL
  • Core security optimization via technology agnostic approach
  • Data segregation/controls for secure access via pre-documented processes
  • Pre-identified user value chains across tech environments and platforms
  • Security intelligence via automated monitoring systems with workflow, task management and accountability

Differentiators & Value Propositions 

  • Security controls & technical enablement mapped to address industry compliances like SOX, PCI, HIPAA, CFR, data privacy etc.
  • Technology agnostic approach & architecture that can be deployed in any leading security tools & platform
  • Pre-defined user value chains for various technology environments & platforms
  • Our solutions facilitate operations for multiple scenarios – regulatory, controlled, or multi-vendor environment