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With cyber attacks growing exponentially, next generation global technology companies are striving to find the best way to limit risks and mitigate the impact of a breach. As a result, security and intelligence operations have morphed from reactive to proactive programs. The current technology disruptions require organizations to transcend traditional security event monitoring.

Keeping these factors in mind, HCLTech has developed "SecIntAI" (Security Intelligence & Analytic Solution) , a unique and proprietary framework, for proactive threat mitigation. It uses big data analytics and advance correlation at its core to identify threats in the IT landscape. SecIntAI leverages context information gained from assets, data classification, and user identities. It further utilizes the intelligence gained from multiple sources such as global feeds, IP/domain reputation and contextualizes it with the traffic observed in customer environment.

Key Attributes:

  • Ingests, analyzes, indexes, and correlates massive amounts of data from disparate feeds
  • Uncovers deep relationships in structured/ unstructured data using automated correlation and arranges events into clusters that share common patterns
  • Visualize the results, presenting the most unusual events within their operational context
  • Real-time security and analytics monitoring based on pattern matching and advance correlation based on anomaly and behavior analytics
  • Security incident response playbook to mitigate incidents based on global best practices
  • Delivers consistent & accurate remediation answers that can be applied throughout the environment
  • Collaborative threat intelligence with 40+ sources encompassing social media/dark net insight
  • Threat-modelling based on attack simulation methodology to test various attack scenarios on different exposure segments

Differentiators & Value Propositions

  • Visibility of the overall security posture enabled by security dashboard
  • Threat intelligence to identify real threats targeting business
  • Monitoring of cloud security controls integrated with core security monitoring capabilities
  • Automated & improved incident response workflow
  • Reduction in overall cost by utilizing existing solution
  • Vulnerability and threat modelling to prioritize risks