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Software Design Solutions

HCL offers software design services spanning embedded software design, user interface design, verification and validation, n-tier application development, and device enterprise integration. HCL maintains a competitive edge with its in-house frameworks (such as device test automation framework) and solution accelerators, centers of excellence in mobility, android, imaging, and user interface design, and IEC 62304 compliant development process.

Our Software Design services include

  • Embedded software design: Device driver development, OS porting, protocol driver development, application layer API interface, and BIOS.
  • User interface design: Embedded GUI, PC based application development, web application development, and custom UI design.
  • Verification and validation: Unit testing, integration testing, sub-system testing, tool qualification, and automated testing.
  • N-tier application development: Desktop, client-server and Web based solutions; device management framework; localization and modularization;  data analytics and reporting; and product maintenance.
  • Device enterprise integration: Healthcare enterprise abstraction and management, business logic development, interoperability-DICOM, HL7, IHE based communication protocol, security – HIPAA.

What We’ve Done For Others

  • For a medical devices’ manufacturer, HCL was involved in the prototyping, design and development of a Class III medical device that provides safe sedation to patients by monitoring the vital signs during a colonoscopy, ensures quick recovery of patients post sedation, and eliminates the need of an anesthesiologist during the sedation procedure. During the development phase, HCL ensured adherence to HL7 standards, and designed its architecture in a way that could absorb changes easily — the focus was maintained on FDA submission ready documentation, and the submission was done in 28 calendar days from the time that verification was completed.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

Was Kunden sagen

"HCL hat dazu beigetragen, unsere Vision eines globalen Sicherheitsoperationscenters in die Realität umsetzen ... Die Sicherheitskontrollen von HCL gehören zu den besten, die ich bei einem unserer Geschäftspartner jemals gesehen habe ... Ich glaube, die Qualitäten, die bei diesem Projekt für den Erfolg entscheidend waren, werden unseren Geschäftseinheiten beim Erreichen ihrer eigenen Ziele helfen."

- Director, Global Security, eines der größten drei globalen Pharmaunternehmen