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Mechanical Engineering

HCL provides specialized automotive mechanical engineering services in body/exterior, hybrid/electric vehicles, engine compartment, powertrain, HVAC, chassis, suspensions and brakes, and interiors. HCL also provides specialized services in axle, transmission, value engineering, and more. 

Our services include:

  • Body/Exterior - Roof top unit, headlights, windshield, body parts
  • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle - Motor control units, hub motors, battery box, EV charger
  • Engine Compartment - Radiator, oil pumps, piston
  • Powertrain - Transfer case, differential case
  • HVAC - Grills, louvers
  • Chassis, Suspension & Brakes - Chassis frame, drive assists, steering gear, disk brakes, wheel, suspension arms
  • Interiors - Steering column switches, instrument console, seats, door parts, gear shifter, airbags

Specialized services


  • Modeling and FEA - Layout Design - Axle housing, half shaft, differential carrier, flange, wheel hub, brake drum, crown wheel and pinion
  • Selection of proprietary items - Bearings, seals, bushings, locking mechanisms, lube oil
  • CFD and thermal analysis - Lubrication, brake drum and brake assembly thermal analysis
  • Dynamic and fatigue analysis - Axle housing, half shaft, differential carrier and brake drum
  • Detailed design - Manufacturing drawings, detailing tolerances and process, DFMEA / PFMEA and DC as part of process
  • Design verification - Prototype development ensuring 100% compliance to engineering specifications, and testing them at component and assembly levels to verify the design


  • Transmission layout design (gear ratios) - Engine torque characteristics and output requirements
  • Transmission layout design optimization - NVH and durability factors, upgradability
  • Helical, spur, spiral bevel and straight bevel gear design -  Durability calculations, gear geometry optimization
  • Planetary gear design -  Durability calculation and gear geometry optimization
  • Bearing selection through deflection characteristic of the shafts under complex 3D gear loading pattern
  • Tolerance stack up analysis, synchro pack design considering shifting loads, wet /dry clutch design
  • Spline design calculation and spline selection, material and surface treatment selection for gears and shafts

Computer-Aided Design

HCL has one of the largest design houses among Indian engineering service providers; with expertise in class A surfacing, PLM, and administration and customization of leading PLM suites, and CAD customization services. We have a global system integration partnership with PTC and Siemens in CAD.

  • Detailing - Manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings, BoM generation, assembly process documentation, tolerancing, and dual dimensioning
  • CAD conversion - 2D to 3D legacy conversion, non-parametric to parametric 3D models, CAD conversion in Pro/E from other VAD models & vice versa
  • Knowledge based engineering - A mature framework which accelerates complex calculations and database/catalog lookups, provides easier and simplified design processes, and helps create design alternatives for performance analysis
  • 3D Modeling - Parts and assembly, sheet metal, plastics, machined components, castings, moulds, concept generation, interference check, piping/cabling, large assembly management, and library parts management
  • DMU Analysis - Infrastructure to handle huge assembles, gap and interference checking, kinematic simulation
  • Surfacing - Class A surfacing, generating surfaces from cloud point data, scanning infrastructure to generate cloud point data from a clay model

Engineering Analysis

  • FE modeling - BIW shell meshing capabilities, tetrameshing of complex assemblies, hex meshing of parts
  • NVH & durability - Vibro acoustic simulations, component level durability analysis, kinematic analysis, optimization studies for strength, weight and cost reduction
  • Crash and safety - Airbag deployment simulations, frontal impact simulation as per FMVSS
  • CFD & thermal - CFD studies for automotive sub-systems, conjugate heat transfer studies, drag and lift predictions, windshield de-icing studies, thermal studies for electronic systems, natural convection cooling

Industrial Design

HCL's industrial design expertise is divided into four components:

  • Voice of Customer research - Observation/shadowing, surveys, interviews, focus groups, contextual immersion workshops
  • Market research - Portfolio analysis, competitive benchmarking, patent landscaping, trend spotting, market intelligence
  • Disruptive ideation - Concept factory, lateral thinking, brainstorming, solution workshop, mock-shop
  • Proof of Concept - Prototyping, high level feasibility evaluation, usability evaluation, field test

Value Engineering

Organizations are continuously looking at improving the value of their goods and services. HCL provides them with value engineering services in the areas of cost modeling, value engineering, teardown analysis, benchmarking, and sourcing support. We have certified value engineers, domain experts in 14 commodities, a review panel with industry veterans and a well-structured VAVE framework. Our cost modeling tools include DFMA Boothroyd, Apriori, and Costimator.  We have also established a state-of-the-art teardown and benchmarking lab, and a global cost database which provides ample facilities and information to customers to help them manage their costs better. 

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.