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API Enablement for Consumption and Monetization

The Situation Today

As Communication Service Providers (CSP) begin to consider strategies to virtualize their networks through SDN and NFV efforts, they also need to relook at the way their current B/OSS solutions and architectures are able to leverage these virtualized network services for transforming customer engagement experience, service creation, and service execution.

While a bulk of SDN and NFV investments are directed at the ability to configure and consume their network assets leading to CAPEX and OPEX transformation, the market-facing advantage is created only when CSPs are able to transform their services and customer engagement experience.

To drive agility in service design, roll-out, and execution, CSPs will need to securely expose the underlying networks for their own or third party access and monetization. Some of the capabilities that are being made available to the market are:

  • Profile – The ability to store and access users’ data
  • Presence – The ability to check if someone is online, busy or offline
  • Authentication – The ability to check if someone is who they claim to be
  • Application driven QoS – The ability to boost broadband connections
  • Call set-up – The ability to set up calls between parties
  • Content management – The ability to package and present media (music, video, etc. to users)
  • Billing – The ability to charge end users for services via a consolidated bill
  • Geographic location – The ability to locate a person based on the location of their mobile phone
  • Resource management – The ability to shape network resources based on business policies

How HCL Can Help

HCL has a comprehensive API Enablement and Lifecycle Management Framework to operationalize a Carrier grade and on-demand services layer that will enable secure API exposure, consumption, and monetization.

This can be done by just using the capabilities that the CSP offers or through Mashups (integration of NGN API with other third party APIs already available in the marketplace such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.). An application implementing the NGN API may have zero visibility of the CSP’s network but will be able to access the same in a secure, manageable, and billable manner.

The ingenuity of the service is left up to the imagination of the application builder, and the fact that it can be built and deployed in the marketplace quickly means that the service provider has the power now to offer rich services, independent of the CSP, without resorting to costly service launches, as is currently the case. 


What You Can Expect

CSPs can benefit by utilizing our API Enablement Framework for:

  • A controlled and chargeable exposure of one’s own and third party services/features
  • Cost-effective timely development and testing of new applications and services by development teams
  • Hosting and operational management of developed applications and services at a competitive rate and within a service level agreement (SLA)
  • Professional services of experienced application developers to aid in the creation of internal and external applications

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.